Before Diving In: Four Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair

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When you need swimming pool repair, it’s tempting to ignore small issues until they become big problems. But the best approach to pool maintenance is to be proactive, addressing small signs early to keep your pool healthy and safe.

Before Diving In: Four Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair

Here are four telltale signs that you need swimming pool repair:

  1. Noisy or malfunctioning equipment – When it comes to pool mechanics, never ignore unusual noises. If your water heater, pool pump, or filtration system sounds like it’s not working quite right, it probably isn’t. Noisy and malfunctioning equipment should be repaired quickly to maintain its longevity.
  2. Cracks or tears – Cracks or tears in your pool’s surface should always be repaired quickly. Even if they are minor, the faster they can be mended, the better. Some cracks or tears can be patched with DIY kits, but if you notice your water level dropping or you have multiple areas that need repair, it’s time to call on the pros.
  3. Leaks – Pool leaks should never be ignored. Whether from the pool surface or the mechanical pipes and equipment, leaks usually only get worse and always cost you on your water bill. Seek swimming pool repair promptly if your water level keeps dropping.
  4. Stubborn water discoloration – There are plenty of DIY water treatment products on the market, but sometimes the pH levels get so off-kilter that you need someone with expertise to bring the water back into balance. The problem could stem from filtration issues, algae growth, or inadequate circulation, so a professional evaluation can help pinpoint the problem and get your water crystal clear again.

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call. Our team can provide whatever swimming pool repair services you need to get your pool ready for another swimming season.