Signs You Need a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

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Unclean pool water can be a big health hazard to swim in, which is why it’s important to schedule regular pool cleaning services. Making sure your pool water is clean and safe to swim in is a crucial part of maintaining your pool, so pay attention to these top signs that you need a professional pool cleaning service as soon as possible.

Signs You Need a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

  • The water is discolored. Your pool water should be clear, so if your pool water is yellow, green, or brown, your pool needs to be cleaned. This discoloration is typically the result of an algae or contaminant buildup.
  • There’s a layer of foam. A layer of foam and bubbles on top of your pool is usually caused by a buildup of lotions, waste, pollen, and other contaminants. Foam indicates that there’s a high bacteria concentration in the pool that will need to be treated before it is safe to swim in.
  • Your eyes and skin are excessively irritated. While it’s not uncommon for you to experience some irritation if you open your eyes under water, excessive irritation is not normal. This irritation can happen when unclean water interacts with your eyes and skin, causing symptoms like stinging, rashes, or small bumps and hives.

If you’ve noticed these or other signs with your pool, reach out to us here at Pool Professors for a professional pool cleaning service. The sooner you talk to us, the sooner you can enjoy a safe and clean pool to swim in, so don’t hesitate to call.