Why Should You Use Salt Chlorination to Keep Your Pool Clean?

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You want your pool’s water to stay clear, blue, and clean at all times. To make this happen, you need to make sure your water is staying properly chlorinated. While the majority of pool owners today rely on a traditional chlorination system that uses blocks of chlorine to eliminate dirt, debris, and contaminants from their water, salt chlorination is an alternative you should consider for your backyard pool.

Why Should You Use Salt Chlorination to Keep Your Pool Clean?

Throughout the year, you have to spend money on replenishing your chlorine supply, and this cost rises quickly in the summer when you’re using your pool a lot. Using a salt chlorination system instead lets you save big time on chlorinating your pool. In fact, a salt system can provide hundreds of pounds of free chlorine over its lifespan.

Plus, using a salt chlorination system makes maintaining your pool a breeze. Instead of constantly trying to adjust the amount of chlorine you should put in your pool, you get predictable, automatic pool sanitation on a daily basis.

Ultimately, salt chlorination gives you a consistently blue pool without the hassle and the cost. For over a decade, pool owners have loved the RJ-Series salt system, the #1 choice to keep your swimming pool’s water crystal clear without the expense and hassle of buying chlorine. Now in its third generation, this salt chlorinator offers extra extended-lifespan titanium cells, high-performance sanitation, OLED digital controls, a touch keypad, and a history of proven reliability. You can even upgrade this salt chlorinator to a variable speed pool pump for extra energy efficiency.

Once you switch to salt chlorination, you’ll never look back! Contact us today to learn more about the RJ-Series salt system and why it’s a great option for your pool.